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Cospace Jelly in North Austin

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What is Jelly?

Jelly's a casual coworking event where everyone's invited. It's for anyone who'd like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment. 


Some Jellies are in people's homes (that's how it started), others are in coffee shops and businesses. You bring your laptop and some work, and Jelly provides wifi, a chair, and smart people to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.



Who is Cospace?

Cospace is a coworking space and community located in North Austin. We are a place for mobile professionals – entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, creatives, and telecommuters of all stripes – who want a professional space that combines creativity and productivity with the flexibility and fun that makes Austin what it is. Basically a place for someone who wants to get out of the house, get some work done, and meet some cool people.


Check us out at www.cospaceatx.com

Follow us on Twitter @cospace

Learn more about coworking at http://coworking.pbworks.com/


Where will you meet?

Our official Jelly location moving forward will be Cospace located at:

911 West Anderson Lane Suite 203

Austin, TX 78757

(512) 818-5993


When will you meet?

Our next Jelly is April 28th from 10 - 4.  We will have a Jelly on the last Wednesday of every month moving forward. 


Sounds intriguing but you're not sure what to expect?

Neither were we.  Just 4 months ago, we visited our first Jelly in Round Rock organized by Sheila Scarborough (@SheilaS on Twitter.)  But, what we found was really cool.  Everyone was warm and welcoming and just working on their own stuff.  We visited, shared a couple laughs and bounced questions off of each other.  It was kind of like working in an office again, but in this setting everyone had a new or exciting project to talk about (something different than what we were working on) plus everyone was wearing jeans and tshirts. Regardless of what you're working on, come visit us!  I also encourage you to check out the Round Rock Jelly if you're up in that neighborhood or have a chance.  They meet every Friday. 


Email me with any more questions, follow us on twitter or just stop by: