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Jelly SF - Friday, August 14th, 2009

Page history last edited by Nick Smith 5 years, 10 months ago

Jelly in San Francisco - Friday, August 14th, 2009 


Special! This week, we're hosting Jelly Talks. Join us for...

  • Heather Champ from Flickr
  • Jeffrey Kalmikoff from Threadless


Heather and Jeffrey will be talking about Design for Online Community at 11am, followed by a Q&A.



  • Nick's warehouse at ...redacted
  • One block from 16th Street BART Station
  • Parking is a little easier to find just east of the warehouse - along South Van Ness, Folsom, etc.
  • Wireless access will be limited during the talk.



  • 10am - 6pm 


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Who's coming?  What are you working on? 

  1. katherine k robinson - building the jelly! community
  2. wendy m sinek - lesson planning for the fall / writing  Update:  have to go out of town unexpectedly.  Will make the next one!
  3. raven hanna - creating fun molecule-inspired designs
  4. Xiao G. Wu - Corporate gig; but would like to work on personal web site / portfolio 
  5. Dan Cohen - taking the day off from Cupertino to work on personal projects 
  6. Teddy Wing -  State I'm in, learning about Symphony CMS & XSLT
  7. Amit Gupta - Hosting & Photojojo & Jelly
  8. Rahmin Sarabi - blips.com and unclasses.org
  9. Karl Dotter- sf zinefest mini-comic stuff
  10. Bryan Haggerty - LinkedIn mobile
  11. Ben Finkel - Fluther.com
  12. Jen Giese - Photojojo  
  13. Ariel Waldman - Spacehack.org
  14. Timoni Grone - UI/design for Scribd
  15. Sarah Wert - working on Modern Kids
  16. Leah Culver - Six Apart
  17. Jeff Burkland - Burkland Consulting (Update: likely cannot make it)
  18. Ian Fung - trying to get people to play heads up, seven up
  19. David Hegarty - Hollrr.com
  20. Joshua May - catching up on personal projects (folio, blog)
  21. Dale Larson
  22. Robert Yau -  MyDogSpace.com, SocialEgg.com etc
  23. Gabriela Lopez - doing some work related stuff.
  24. Nick Lane-Smith - iPhone hotness and schmoozing.
  25. Jon Coon - Hub Bay Area
  26. Akshay Surve - Social Entrepreneur and GoodCompany Ventures 2009 Fellow
  27. Simon Liu - Mac/iPhone sw, Bitcartel
  28. Kris Corzine - Ruby on Rails or website
  29. Amy Benziger- Hub Bay Area
  30. Jon Axtell- Hub Bay Area
  31. Alex Michel- Hub Bay Area
  32. Johnny Hwin (Nick's roommate) - damntheradio - live music discovery
  33. Mona Ying Reeves - eco design at Re:modern
  34. Carl Gorringe - various projects.  Looking for new projects.
  35. Chaney Kourouniotis - same ol' job, different spot!
  36. Kevin Marks - BT/Ribbit - activity streams for phonecalls
  37. Carl Tashian - working on OurGoods
  38. Zach Ware - The Republic of Tea & other stuff
  39. Dinah Sanders - weekly review, projects + bringing my Expediter mojo to help others with planning/productivity
  40. Tina Tran - Girls in Tech, blogger
  41. Danielle Leslie - Mktg for online reality TV show, Facebook applications at RockYou
  42. Steven Chow - currently trying to make heads or tails of iphone dev.  normally work on warfish and vermicomposters
  43. Alex Greenburg (Nick's roommate) - Fine Art Photographer and Blogger.
  44. Mario Ubalde - Tweaking Windows 7, Google Apps, and Corporate Website