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Austin Jelly FRIDAY, May 2nd, 2008 (10am to 5pm)
You coming? To add yourself, click "Edit" and use password: j311y ... ("j", three, one, one, "y")



Who's coming

  • name, when you'll be there, what you're working on


  • Dusty Reagan, 10am, Not sure yet
  • Tom Brown, 11am - bug fixing, etc.
  • Maggie Duval, 10:30 am - PowerPoint for Galactic domination tactical plan. Oh...and some web design and writing.
  • Rob Beauchamp - 11am
  • Stephen Gutknecht (RoundSparrow) - 10:30 am. Linux on Apple move ccomplete (I hope), client dev work, long-term problem solving
  • Eric Doggett, 1'ish-working on articles for ShootTheBaby.com plus some ecommerce stuff.
  • Paul Menard, After client lunch, Working on mostly client web project. Personal Business Card design. Will try to be more social this week. Too man deadlines last week.
  • Sarah Vela, textbooooooook, and stuff.
  • Taylor Carpenter (aka ixx) - 11:45ish - Ruby bayesian and categorizing code, WSDL crap, Jython coding
  • John Roescher (@jonatne) - Finishing up some web projects / updates; Hopefully meeting some interesting people (i.e. you).
  • Bryan Reed - Noonish. Object model for Django site.
  • Neville Reynolds, be there about 1:45 pm.


Who might come


Spread the word!