JellyBrooklyn 2009 11 06


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Jelly in Brooklyn - FRIDAY, Nov 6th


the happy workers



friday, 6 november 2009, williamsburg coworking throws open it's doors to commemorate the anniversary of the UN General Assembly's resolution condemning South Africa's apartheid, the outing of the Iran Contra affair in the US media, and the birth of actors Sally Field and Ethan Hawke.


on friday, we will host "work at jelly" at 9:30am, and starting at 5pm we will break into a vivacious happier hour! we hope that you can clear your schedule, snag your laptop and join us - this friday (6 Nov) from 9:30 till 6pm!



we promise to cross two items off on your to-do list...

1. be productive during the day.

2. meet some of the most wonderful people.








Who's coming (coworking/jelly happy hour below):


Your name, what you're working on, what time you'll be there. Please note, the best seats are first come, first seated...


1. Beka Economopoulos, your hostess. Working on Fission Strategy.

3. Noneck Noel, your host.

4. Ron Suarez, working on Loud Feed

5. Andy Sarroff, Sourcetone (not sure yet—might not make it this time)

6. Georg Pedersen, Working on a poster for Harvard Square, most likely

7. Felice Carson, brushing up on changes in online advertising, looking for new sales/marketing work

8. Deniz Sarioz, revising a paper--if I finish before then, I have plenty of problems to work on.  Will try to get there by 11am. 

9. Angela Tran, mashup website wireframes & skins. Afternoon-ish.

10. Yuri Niyazov, working on, will arrive around a little before noon