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Jelly in Brooklyn - FRIDAY, April 25th

the happy workers



this friday, williamsburg coworking throws open it's doors to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the conference that established the United Nations and the incorporation of the united negro fund.


this friday, we will host brooklyn's "work at jelly" and a vivacious happier hour! check out hillary's photos from previous happy hours -

a top hat and fauxtobooth. we hope that you can clear your schedule, snag your laptop and join us - this friday (25 april) from 9:30 till 7pm!



we promise to cross two items off on your to-do list...

1. be productive during the day.

2. meet some of the most wonderful people.



  • The Change You Want to See - 84 Havemeyer Street, storefront - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Map.
  • Subway: _-L- to Bedford, -J- to Marcy, or -G- to Metropolitan.



  • Coworking: 9:30 am - 5 pm
  • Happy Hour: 5pm - 7pm




Who's coming (coworking/jelly happy hour below):

Your name, what you're working on, what time you'll be there.

  1. Beka Economopoulos, space founder and host: Greenpeace online organizing projects (day job) + Ruby on Rails/Crabgrass RFP for project-driven OSN for artists and activists (personal project)
  2. noneck noel, dogmatic host and be working on a taxi cab and figuring out how to get more NYC cab drivers.
  3. Peter Jaros (Peeja): My senior project, (a robotics system in Ruby) if I can make it early enough, but I can't be there before 3 or 4:00. I'd love to come for happy hour and see everyone, though!
  4. Gregory Schnese, Web Producer - beYOU.tv - I'll be PHP'ing, writing and videoing it up in BK.
  5. Unimatrix 7 of 9 -be working on bizillion things as usual.
  6. jennifer s hall - working on more flash games
  7. Matthew Myers - Work with some new content people in the Phillipines to help seed 30elm
  8. Joshua Heller - Current.com, talking shit to noneck.
  9. Liz Tan - designing awesome moodboards/websites - be there around 11am with my wacom tablet
  10. Tara Keleher - being the most fabulous and helping others do the same - 11ish
  11. Christina Ray - Conflux Festival - happy hour Not gonna make it today after all but will hit up the Sousveillance conference tomorrow. Have fun!
  12. David Blumenstein - The Hatchery glad to make it an even dozen, though I am rather ODD
  13. Benjamin Apple - LittleGimmicks.com - be there around 11.
  14. Joey Roth- happy hour
  15. Chris Wang - world domination - one website at a time - 12:30ish
  16. Michael Hidalgo - some screenwriting work -- 11:30ish-esque
  17. Peter Kirn - writing or musicating or coding and stuff for CDM; probably can't stay for much of happy hour, though
  18. Nichelle Stephens- blogging on Keeping Nickels, working on sponsorship for upcoming Cupcake Social 2.0
  19. Adrian Manzano - first time jelling. working on marketing and website.
  20. Costa Tsiokos - blogging, unnamed business development project; there by 11ish.
  21. Suzanne Xie - Weardrobe'in in the afternoon :)
  22. Christopher Masto, writing whatever code is most needed (a "definite maybe" - date conflicts with PodcampNYC)
  23. Dawn Hayes - United Community Venture Partners, "socially inspired" technology for communities
  24. Katrin Verclas, MobileActive.org
  25. Matt Cooperrider - .nyc top-level domain
  26. Oliver Wellington - .nyc top-level domain
  27. Gerrit Hall - The usual again, the beautiful weather has compelled me to work from my roof.
  28. Winston Smith - ditto. ditto
  29. Jaki Silver- website design, real estate agent, internet franchise owner- probably around noon
  30. Kurt Opprecht - Gently subverting the dominant paradigm.
  31. Andrew Boyd - Subverting the dominant paradigm, but with more vitriol





Beyond this point is considered "on the waiting list." Check back here a day or two beforehand to see if spots have opened up.

1. Marty Rynearson, drupal developing, but won't get there til "beer-thirty"