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Jelly in Brooklyn - FRIDAY, 27 February 2009


the happy workers




this friday, williamsburg coworking throws open it's doors to celebrate the arrival of Argentian Coworking brother, Fernando Maclen from Cowork Central, and the births of Dexter Gordon, Ralph Nader and Chelsea Clinton.


not only will we host brooklyn's "work at jelly," but a vivacious happier hour from 5:30ish till 7:00pm!

we hope that you can clear your schedule, snag your laptop and join us - this friday (27 February) from 9:30 till 7pm!



we promise to cross two items off on your to-do list...

1. be productive during the day.

2. meet some of the most wonderful people.



  • The Change You Want to See - 84 Havemeyer Street, storefront - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Map.
  • Subway: _-L- to Bedford, -J- to Marcy, or -G- to Metropolitan.



  • Coworking: 9:30 am - 5 pm
  • Happy Hour: 5pm - 7pm




Who's coming (coworking/jelly happy hour below):


Your name, what you're working on, what time you'll be there. Please note, the best seats are first come, first seated...


  1. Noneck Noel, your host.
  2. Beka Economopoulos, your hostess.
  3. Fernando Maclen, founder of Cowork Central (the first coworking location in Latin America).
  4. Jennifer Daniel, not your hostess.
  5. Todd Sundsted, work TBD, but I'll be there.
  6. Jason, working on a lifestreaming project, be in around noon.
  7. Brent, working on finding something to work on
  8. Daniel Wiener, in around 10:00 am, updating various websites
  9. Georg, there around 10, working on some websites
  10. Alexis, in around 10 working on code
  11. Anita Singh, job searching, web design
  12. Amanda Lee Anderson, blogging/etsying/knitting
  13. Chris Cassanello, working on iPhone app stuff and new website
  14. Maria K, toy designing - for sure
  15. Dibson T Hoffweiler, web developing! I'm new to freelancing & Jelly.
  16. Julie Steele, reading manuscript on data handling and visualization, in at 9:30
  17. Paolo P. prototyping a new game
  18. Luis Violante, on my way...hope there is room