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Jelly in Manhattan FRIDAY, November 16th





  • 9 am - 6 pm


Status Updates:

You can see who's logged in here

On the iTunes music server:  Aimee Mann


9:30 : Currently 0 coworkers. Climate = Spacious!

10:30: Currently 2 coworkers. Climate = welcoming

11:50: Currently 5 coworkers. Climate = meditative

12:20: Currently 6 coworkers. Climate = humming

13:00: Currently 10 coworkers. Climate=cozy (but we got more chairs and a bigger table)

14:00: Currently 11 coworkers. Climate=buzzy (now using bigger table)

16:00: Currently 11 coworkers. Climate=mellow (post-lunch food coma)

17:00: Currently 10 coworkers. Climate=edgy (getting dark outside)

17:20: Currently 7 coworkers.  Climate=CONVIVIAL! -- rounding out the Jelly with Trader Joe's winetasting:

  • Vinho Verde Espiral (Sparkling White) -- Thumbs down
  • Abrazo Del Toro CariƱena (Red) -- Thumbs up!

18:15: Done.  Thanks again everyone for a great jelly. 




Floorplan is here -- we'll be using the D unit (half of the apt).

There will be a list of comfy spaces nearby for a change of scenery, like

  • Half-King (down the street)
  • Moonstruck Diner (across the street)
  • Kanvas (Downstairs)
  • Ray's Pizza
  • Starbucks


Citysearch restaurant list by distance






Who's coming


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