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Jelly at betahouse - Friday, February 19, 2010


  • When: 10:30 am to 5pm or so
  • Where: 13 Magazine St #2, Cambridge Map
  • Slots: 6 for now


Facebook Event:



Who's Coming:

Please sign up with your name, email address, a link to your site, and a little bit about you / what you'll be working on:


2. Teddy Wing - www.teddywing.com - Possibly doing some GWT stuff, or learning Rails.

3. Sachin Agarwal / sachin@oneforty / http://sachinagarwal.com / some @oneforty stuff and bothering Tom Davis

4. Eric Shooman / eshooman1@babson.edu, eshooman@gmail.com / Site under construction, I'm a Babson MBA student working on a social media website called SocialBenchmark.com using foursquare & Gowalla API's / I'll be working on the Prototype and Business Plan.

5. Joselin Mane / bostontweetup@gmail.com / BostonTweetUp.com working on version 2



Waiting List:

1. Robby Grossman / robby@freerobby.com / http://freerobby.com / oneforty development, happy to help out anybody who wants to play with the oneforty api

(Putting myself on Waiting List because Sachin has already replied and I don't want oneforty to have to take up two spots.



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