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Jelly @ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Page history last edited by Vinicius Machado 10 years, 6 months ago

Who am I?


My name is Vinicius Machado and I'm the owner of a small business web agency and info solutions office here in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, called X4 Internet Development Solutions ( http://www.x4ids.com.br ). I really enjoy the whole freelancer, coworking and Jelly thing. Here at my place I truly want to support new kinds of ideas and now I'm trying to get involved with the open-source community too. 


What I want?


I really want to get in touch with people who wants to make one or several Jelly events. I want to know people, work together and get involved with the community. I want to meet programmers, designers, musicians, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc etc! I want to get in touch with people that wants to make ordinary jobs and talents into something unique and great.


What do I need?


I need help to make a Jelly event and I want to broadcast it live (I have the way too). But if there's some brazilian people here that wants to join me, please contact me at my twitter account: www.twitter.com/x4ids_bigboss. Ok, I'm not sending my email, but it's just because of the fear of spam-bots over the web.


But if you're not from Rio de Janeiro or from Brazil and really want to get in touch, share thoughts and experiences I'M HERE TOO! :D


So, let's get together, work together and jelly together!