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Brooklyn, NY

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GPCW Jelly/Free CoWorking Day

When: Second Wednesday of each month

Where: Greenpoint CoWorking [240 North Henry Street @ Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY]

Cost: FREE


Jelly 101

A jelly is a casual event where people can leave their den of solitude and join a community of fellow independent professionals to work together for a day. You grab any space available at GPCW and do what you usually do, but with the added perk of meeting interesting people, having others around you to bounce ideas off of, and have a structured, professional workday in a gorgeous space. Amongst jelly-goers are designers, writers, programmers, social media buffs, musicians, and more–everyone is welcomed to join the jelly/free coworking day.


GPCW Jelly/Free CoWorking Day

If you are new to the idea of coworking or just want to leave your house for a day to work somewhere with more human interaction, come to this jelly/free coworking day event!


This monthly jelly/free coworking day is held at Greenpoint CoWorking. It is a beautifully designed, naturally lit work environment with deskspace, a kitchen, community space, and Fatboys!!! Please bring your laptop, supplies, lunch, and anything you need to do your work. 


Why should you join?

There are a few key reasons you should join:

A)   You will be in the company of other like-minded and motivated individuals!

B)   The chance to bounce ideas off of other people rather than just your four walls!

C)   Be in a beautiful, structured and professional environment while you work!

D)   Great opportunity to expand your network!


Who do you Contact?

If you’re interested in attending our jelly/free coworking day drop us an e-mail at info@greenpointcoworking.com or just stop by on the second Wednesday of the month.


Follow us—

On Twitter: @GPCW

Or visit us at our website: www.greenpointcoworking.com